Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October! :)

I am beyond excited for this month! its the start of holidays, cold weather, and family gatherings. i always seems to stay busy during this month all the up to the end off december which i love because being bored sucks. There's so many things im excited for, i've already had at least three pumpkin spice lattes so thats off my check list. i've broken out all of my fall clothes, i love love love layers and boots. i usually have already started decorating by now but since we live in a small apartment now nobody can see them, so theres no rush. Mom and i already got a huge white pumpkin and the gelly window stickers shapped like ghosts and bats. it's around this time where all of the trees in Ohio change colors and everything looks gorgeous, its also colder there which i love and hate at the same time. I also fell in love with the song A-team by Ed Sheeran, who i will probably be listening to for the rest of the month.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

wedding fever!

So, fall must be wedding season. Which is weird because i've always wanted to have a fall wedding. Anyways my mom and i have been overloaded with weddings, we just attened one and have two more coming up back to back. I personally LOVE weddings and everything about them, plus its an excuse to get dressed up which i also love. Surprisingly my mom caught wedding fever as well and did something no one ever expected her to do...she picked out a dress all on her own! and it was actually pretty! But thats not all, when we went shoe shopping for heels i saw these gorgeous silver heels that i loved, they reminded me of christmas(my favorite season). I guess mom adored them as much as i did so she bought them for herself! i didnt know whether to be proud or mad, but because i saw them first she bought me a pair in my size as well. I immediately called my godmother who then proceeded to call the bride and tell her about my moms recent purchases. Everyone was so shocked when they saw her in a pretty dress and heels, she was getting compliments all night. This wedding was very simple and elegant. It took place outside in a gorgeous setting, and you could hear the ocean which gave it that beachy feel. But there werent many people around my age there, and a lot of the adults were prim and proper. Although i did enjoy myself i cannot wait for the next two weddings coming up. Unlike this one they will both have music and a dance floor, and who doesnt like dancing??

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

im back!

So i made this blog like a year ago and hardly ever used it, but now that im homeschooled i need more things to keep me entertained. These past few years have been very difficult. But instead of letting my depression get the best of me, i am going to try to turn my life around. a complete 360! I am going to start by conecting with old friends, the ones that i used to be so close with but for some reason grew apart from. hopefully they will accept me back into their lives. on another note, i am beyond excited that fall is finally here! cant wait for the holidays.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Oh mom...

My mom came up with the cutest idea for my advent calender. She put these little chocolate presents in with a piece of paper that tells a little bit of "the christmas story" everyday.