Thursday, September 27, 2012

wedding fever!

So, fall must be wedding season. Which is weird because i've always wanted to have a fall wedding. Anyways my mom and i have been overloaded with weddings, we just attened one and have two more coming up back to back. I personally LOVE weddings and everything about them, plus its an excuse to get dressed up which i also love. Surprisingly my mom caught wedding fever as well and did something no one ever expected her to do...she picked out a dress all on her own! and it was actually pretty! But thats not all, when we went shoe shopping for heels i saw these gorgeous silver heels that i loved, they reminded me of christmas(my favorite season). I guess mom adored them as much as i did so she bought them for herself! i didnt know whether to be proud or mad, but because i saw them first she bought me a pair in my size as well. I immediately called my godmother who then proceeded to call the bride and tell her about my moms recent purchases. Everyone was so shocked when they saw her in a pretty dress and heels, she was getting compliments all night. This wedding was very simple and elegant. It took place outside in a gorgeous setting, and you could hear the ocean which gave it that beachy feel. But there werent many people around my age there, and a lot of the adults were prim and proper. Although i did enjoy myself i cannot wait for the next two weddings coming up. Unlike this one they will both have music and a dance floor, and who doesnt like dancing??

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