Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October! :)

I am beyond excited for this month! its the start of holidays, cold weather, and family gatherings. i always seems to stay busy during this month all the up to the end off december which i love because being bored sucks. There's so many things im excited for, i've already had at least three pumpkin spice lattes so thats off my check list. i've broken out all of my fall clothes, i love love love layers and boots. i usually have already started decorating by now but since we live in a small apartment now nobody can see them, so theres no rush. Mom and i already got a huge white pumpkin and the gelly window stickers shapped like ghosts and bats. it's around this time where all of the trees in Ohio change colors and everything looks gorgeous, its also colder there which i love and hate at the same time. I also fell in love with the song A-team by Ed Sheeran, who i will probably be listening to for the rest of the month.

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